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18 Wheeler Accidents in Baton Rouge

The term "warehouse on wheels" refers to the huge amount of 18-wheeler trucks that transport a variety of different goods around the United States such as food and items intended for sale in retail establishments. 18-wheeler semis are commonplace on highways in the Baton Rouge area, and as such, are a risk that every driver should be aware of.

Truck drivers are at work for extended periods of time, driving across the country as fast as possible within the restrictions of federal law. This work consists of long hours behind the wheel, and although there are regulations meant to discourage and prohibit drivers from driving longer than an appropriate time, many drivers may push or pass those regulations in an effort to finish a job faster. This type of negligence as well as truck drivers inappropriately changing lanes, swerving or stopping can cause serious truck accidents involving one or more vehicles. If you have been the victim in an 18-wheeler accident, it is very important that you contact a Baton Rouge injury lawyer at The Layfield Law Firm, LLC as soon as possible.

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The damage caused in 18-wheeler accidents can be very severe. Vehicles stand little chance against a semi-truck, which is evident if you've ever witnessed the devastation in the aftermath of a truck accident. Automobiles are often crushed or mangled making it hard to understand how any driver could escape such a disaster without sustaining serious injury. While most drivers would be considered lucky to survive with broken bones or slight head injuries, many suffer catastrophic injuries, such as traumatic brain injury, spinal injury, crush injuries or other crash severities, requiring long-term rehabilitation, and possibly, life-long disability. The most tragic outcome of a negligent truck driver is the loss of a family member.

Victims of 18-wheeler truck accidents can trust The Layfield Law Firm, LLC to handle all cases as efficiently as possible. Each compensation case is well documented, providing all of the evidence necessary to support appropriate measured demand for compensation, both economic and non-economic, in your truck accident injury case.

Contact a Baton Rouge personal injury attorney at The Layfield Law Firm, LLC if you have been in a semi-truck accident and would like to seek compensation.