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Truck Accidents and Injury Claims in Baton Rouge

Motorcycles, automobiles and commercial vehicles, each of which carry their own set of risks and safety concerns, share Louisiana's roads. Commercial vehicles like utility trucks, 18-wheelers and other large trucks pose a special risk due to the sheer size and power of the vehicle. Despite the fact that drivers of commercial vehicles require a federally mandated CDL license, they are susceptible to negligence on city streets and highways alike.

Truck accidents are caused in large part due to the difficulty of operating the vehicle itself. Commercial vehicles must take extra care executing otherwise simple tasks like turning, changing lanes, navigating a parking lot and stopping. Poor execution of these common operations can end in serious truck accidents with devastating injuries to innocent people. The damages caused by a commercial vehicle can be significant, the medical costs and other damages can range into the hundreds of thousands, or even higher. The injuries sustained in truck accident injuries can range from minor to severe, and many drivers are permanently disabled or killed on the road each year in accidents caused by negligent drivers, drunk drivers or tired drivers. If you have been involved in an accident with a commercial vehicle where you suffered an injury calling a Baton Rouge injury lawyer at The Layfield Law Firm, LLC should be the first step you take in the pursuit of any claim.

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The Layfield Law Firm, LLC has the necessary experience in personal injury claims to build a detailed case and will always represent your best interests. As a valued client, The Layfield Law Firm will work zealously to protect your legal right to compensation. Compensation can include recovery for repair damages and costs associated with any injury sustained in the truck accident such as medical bills, rehabilitation or physical therapy, lost wages due to inability to work, pain and suffering, and other damages based on the specifics of your case.

Contact a Baton Rouge personal injury lawyer if you have been in an accident with a commercial vehicle and would like to seek compensation.