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Golf Car Accidents in Baton Rouge

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Golfing is one of Louisiana's favorite pastimes, and many enthusiasts flock to courses around the state to enjoy the sport and scenery. Golf carts are a popular accessory for many golfers, especially those with disabilities or conditions that limit their walking endurance. While the golf cart may seem like a safe vehicle, it is surprisingly dangerous and can cause injuries for passengers, drivers or others.

There are a variety of reasons why a driver golf cart accident may occur. Some of those reasons involve inadequate maintenance of the machine, or defective parts that do not function properly. Driver error is responsible for the majority of golf cart accidents. Other drivers that are drunk or negligently operating the golf cart can lead to dangerous and deadly injuries to innocent people. Consulting with an experienced Baton Rouge injury attorney from The Layfield Law Firm, LLC is vital after a golf cart accident.

Golf Cart Injury Claims in Baton Rouge

The speed of a factory golf cart will generally not exceed 15 miles per hour, but privately owned, customized golf cart can have parts upgraded or modified for much faster travel. Given the fact that golf carts are not intended for movement at high speeds, they are not equipped with as much protection and have resulted in very serious or even catastrophic injuries. Passengers of golf cart accidents can be thrown from the vehicle in a sharp turn, or crushed by the vehicle itself in a roll. For pedestrians, the impact of a golf cart moving at top speeds can result in broken bones, internal injuries, concussion or other serious personal injuries. Compensation in such cases can be recovered with the help of an experienced Baton Rouge injury attorney from The Layfield Law Firm.

Contact a personal injury attorney at The Layfield Law Firm, LLC if you have been in a golf cart accident and would like to discuss your options for pursuing financial compensation.