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Baton Rouge Texting While Driving Accidents

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Driver distraction has become a major contributing factor in traffic collisions because of the wide use of electronic devices while driving. The issue has prompted the government to take preventative action by imposing significant fines for individuals who violate the law and use hand held devices while operating a motor vehicle. In particular, texting while driving is a problem for law enforcement and insurance companies because that behavior causes many costly auto accidents that result in property damage, serious injuries and fatalities.

Victims of accidents caused by a driver texting while driving should contact me, Beau Layfield, Baton Rouge injury lawyer of The Layfield Law Firm, LLC for legal advice regarding the appropriate steps to take toward seeking monetary compensation for accident injuries. The Layfield Law Firm is experienced in representing clients injured in all types of car, truck and motorcycle accidents caused by distracted drivers. The Layfield Law Firm, LLC understands the difficulties that an injured victim experiences following an accident and the importance of providing professional services on a personal level. The Layfield Law Firm will pay close attention and carefully manage your claim through to resolution.

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The youngest and least experienced teenage drivers comprise the major group that texts while driving, which can cause traffic accidents. A driver who is not looking at the road but instead operating a cell phone or other electronic device does not have his or her attention focused on driving safely. A distracted driver may not see another vehicle, pedestrian, bicycle or road hazard until it is too late to avoid an accident. The impact can be significant if the driver cannot brake in time and the injuries to others are often catastrophic or very serious.

A driver who is negligent, careless or reckless and causes an accident with injuries or deaths may be responsible to the victims for damages that can include compensation for the following:

  • Loss of income
  • Medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering

In the case of a fatality, the remaining family members may be eligible for additional compensation for loss of companionship, funeral and burial expenses. It is best to seek competent legal representation following an accident and before settling with an insurance company. The Layfield Law Firm, LLC can ensure the protection of rights to compensation and represent the best interest of the victims at all stages following an accident.

Contact a Baton Rouge car accident attorney at The Layfield Law Firm, LLC if injured in an accident caused by an individual texting while driving.