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Multi-Car Accidents

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Car accidents can be complicated. They become far more complicated when the number of drivers involved increases. These are known as multi-car accidents, or pileups, because they involve more than two damaged vehicles. Multi-car accidents are not only more difficult to deal with because there are more cars involved but also because determining fault can be far more challenging than in a two-car collision.

Multiple-vehicle collisions usually occur on roads with a high volume of traffic driving at high speeds. They can be some of the most dangerous types of car accidents simply due to the sheer magnitude of damage done. A multi-car accident likely begins between two vehicles but because of road conditions, other cars that are unable to react in time may also join the damage. The causes of multi-car accidents usually involve low-visibility, slippery roads, windy roads or driver inattention.

The problem of multi-car accidents does not conclude with the actual accident. In fact, matters become far more complicated in the aftermath as the drivers attempt to collect damages from the people responsible. The issue can become muddled when individual drivers attempt to place fault on each other. Typically, the easy thing would be to place blame on the car that collided from the back or the side but it is not that simple. There are a number of explanations possible for multi-car accidents, which is why making a successful claim without the assistance of a car accident attorney can be extremely difficult.

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